Frequency - The Law of Attraction

Healing Through How We Think Your thoughts and the words you think all have a frequency, so yes you are literally sending out a wave of energy every time you think of something. You are sending out electrical impulses by the minute as you read this post — that can all be measured, with the right tools — as you process what you are reading. I get it, "you're only thinking it..." but the more you think of things the way you do, the more real they become. You know the cliche, put good thoughts out, get good things back. Well, in reality it's not so cliche, matter of fact that's exactly what we're doing. However you are thinking, you are receiving back. Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, who talks about the Law of Attraction, which is stated to be how the order of the universe is determined, including all things that come into your life, monetary, physical or emotional, or things you experience happen due to the magnetic power of your thoughts. Bryne has …

Skin and Soleil

Benefits of Sunscreen The sun in all its glory can also be harmful to us and our skin. It's a love-hate relationship really... with that said, we need to protect our skin from it. Though it sounds easier than it is, there are a few things we should be looking for when choosing a sunscreen. 
The Basics
SPF: Sun protection factor, aka how fast your skin will burn / turn red. 
A lot of people like to think that the higher the SPF the more protection your skin is going to have. That is correct to a degree but no sun screen will protect your skin 100%. The FDA is considering capping off SPFs at 60 SPF. Though with my own further research I think that good SPF 45 is a cap. When an SPF is higher many start to think that it'll last longer and because sunscreen has to be reapplied after a certain amount of time, it makes people think they can wait 1000 minutes before reapply sunscreen with things such as SPF 100.Consider that your skin starts to burn/turn red about 10 minutes under the su…